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Taylor Solar Ltd brings the expertise of Solar PV and Professional Roofing Contractors to our solar installations. Our continuous drive for 100% customer satisfaction is supported by our unique ability to bring both electricians, solar pv experts and one of Scotland’s largest professional roofers to every job we undertake. Taylor Solar’s expertise assures our customers that their installation will be to the highest standard from the roof to the fuse board.

Providing Solar PV installations to the domestic market, we are confident to advise homeowners of the benefits that they are likely to achieve while detailing every aspect of the job to ensure a smooth install everytime.

A straight-forward way for most households to reduce the impact of their energy bills.
Solar Panels
Solar Benefits
Be informed as to the benefits and remove the myths surrounding Solar Energy.
Find out how Taylor Solar Ltd can bring you energy savings through Solar PV.
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Solar Panel Guide

A Guide to
Solar Energy

Solar energy works by sunlight shining on the photovoltaic cells contained in a solar panel generating electricity. The more photovoltaic cells connected, the more electricity is generated. This electricity is generated in ‘direct current’ (d.c.) and connected to an inverter. The inverter changes the electricity from d.c. to ‘alternating current’ (a.c.) and connects the a.c. current to the main household fuse board.

The electricity generated can then go to wherever in the house it is required, be it a kettle, oven, television or any other electrical item.

The most effective way to utilise solar is by storing the electricity in a battery. This means that if you are generating electricity when you don’t need it, it can be stored up for later, when you do!

The key benefits of solar energy are:

  • Generating your own electricity
  • Reducing your reliance on the grid
  • Storing up electricity for later use in a battery

Perfect Solar Panel Installation

The experience to deliver

It is common sense that a solar pv installation requires expertise in two trades – Roofing and Electrical. Most solar companies are either roofing, or more commonly, electrician led. This means that there is a gap in that company’s knowledge on one key aspect of the installation, be it roofing or electrical.

Taylor Solar brings together expertise in both trades. Exclusive partnership with Taylor Roofs, one of Scotland’s largest and most trusted roofing companies, coupled with electrical expertise in specifying, installing, commissioning and fault diagnosis in solar energy and batteries.

As in any aspect of construction, great products are only as good as the person who is installing them. Taylor Solar’s expertise assures our customers that their installation will be installed to the highest standard on the roof and at the fuse board.


The Taylor Group

It’s more than just solar energy

Our reputation is essential to our success. We embrace and empower our team, while also continuing to support the local community through the Taylor Group, resulting in awards for our work within our industry, ensuring we continue to excel in ourwork and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Guaranteed Works

Taylor Roofs have an unrivalled commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. As such, all of our roof replacements and roofline replacements are fully guaranteed for up to 10 years, giving you complete peace of mind.

Fully Insured

We have all the relevant insurances to ensure both your property and our staff are covered. This includes Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000 and Employers Liability Insurance of £10,000,000.

Experienced Team

Taylor Solar are part of the Taylor Group, therefore, we not only bring the knowledge of solar panel installations, but also the wealth of experience from Taylor Roofs - ensuring the full project is ‘taylored’ to the best professional.

Roofing Specialists

Taylor Roofs are part of the Taylor Group and have a large team of experienced roofers - a fundamental starting point for your Solar Panel installation. Our West Lothian based roofer team provide specialist roofing services across Central Scotland.