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Solar panels combined with battery storage is the most straightforward way for most houses to reduce the impact of high energy bills. The system works exactly as you would expect-the panels generate electricity throughout the daylight hours, when the household use is likely to be low. This electricity fills up the batteries which can then be drawn down through the evening period when household use is high.

When a system is specified correctly, a household can go for months without importing ANY electricity from the grid. In the right circumstances, overall bills can be cut by 75%!

In the winter, when the solar panels are producing less electricity, battery storage can still be used effectively. Electricity can be imported from the grid at ‘cheap’ times to charge the battery and then discharged at times when electricity is more expensive. Utilising batteries in this way may mean switching electricity supplier to one that offers a ‘time of use’ tariff, where the price of electricity varies according to supply and demand. Taylor Solar can offer advice on this and which supplier would be most suitable for you.

A straight-forward way for most households to reduce the impact of their energy bills.
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